At GotaBeat we are making it easy and affordable to quickly license beats for the specific uses that artists and entrepreneurs need them for, without complex terms and negotiations, without charging producers to list them, and without friction in the process.

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$ 25

You can use these beats for live performances or to make videos.

These beats were previously released commercially as exclusives on albums and singles and are now available to use for live gigs and video projects.


$ 50

You can use these beats in live performances, original tracks distributed digitally, and videos.

license is non-exclusive, but these beats have never been licensed as exclusives and hence remain available to license exclusively (once). After they are licensed as exclusives, they become available for LIVE licenses only.


$ 250

This is our standard exclusive license, which means you are licensing the beat and the right to release it commercially, and the producer agrees not to sell an exclusive license to any other artist henceforth (although LIVE licenses can still be sold).

The stems are available so you can change the arrangement and mix. This is now the official beat to one of your tracks.


$ 500

This license is the same as an exclusive, but the producer is especially fond of it and thinks it has more commercial potential than a standard exclusive, hence the higher price.

Use SELECT beats to record your hottest singles and signature tracks.